• Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

    My name is Ash and I'm a Melbourne based composer, singer, performer, juggler, artist, shoe enthusiast. 

    My music is indie soul jazz rock musical.  I've just released my second studio album you can listen to here.  I play regularly around Melbourne, sometimes solo and sometimes with ten other people. 

    Remove your shoes and have a listen.



Sometimes you gotta shake

• February 3rd, 2015 • Leave a Comment

So I got married last year and had an amazing time.  But I came back to realise I didn't have enough work on to pay the bills.  This gave me some anxiety, but then I turned to the musical genius of our times, Taylor Swift and I realised that it would be ok, that all I had to do was shake it off.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljT-AJDwjP4 [read more]

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Escape like trains music video

• August 26th, 2014 • Leave a Comment

    So I had this idea to put some moving images to one of my songs.  It was a rather simple idea that ended up taking up a lot more time than I initially thought.  But that's usually how I start a lot of things, with a sense of naive optimism believing "this will be easy" or "this won't take long."     Anyway, I searched through a whole lot of archival footage on the internet and put together this music video. I'm quite proud considering I don't have much editin [read more]

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Putting it out there

• March 5th, 2014 • Leave a Comment

So in an effort to putting my money where my mouth is, I filmed myself right after to practice to see how I looked/sounded. I teach music and I recommend to all my students that they film themselves if they are interested in performing.  It gives you good indication of what the audience is going to see and it also lets you see/hear all your flaws you might have missed in practice. I feel like it's rather exposing, but also necessary. It's a good way to check how the whole song sounds rath [read more]

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My composition in AGT

• October 30th, 2013 • Leave a Comment

I composed this piece and some very talented people put choreography to it and now it's made it's way on to Australia's Got Talent! If you want to check it out go to the link, scroll down and click on the video "Ministry of Dance Master Mime". Such wonderful work and so pleased and humbled! http://agt.ninemsn.com.au/video/finals [read more]

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New music video!

• May 19th, 2013 • Leave a Comment

The music video is completed!! I couldn't be happier! I've found the project so inspiring and rewarding. Working with the different mediums has made this film clip particularly special to me. I sometimes forget how much I love collaboration and this is a perfect outcome for me. I feel when watching it that is really is a thing that's beautiful in it's honesty. It's sort of beautiful and sad all at once. So without further flaffing on from me, please watch and enjoy: http://vimeo.com/6 [read more]

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Sometimes words aren’t enough to explain the way things are….but they can get pretty darn close…..

• April 3rd, 2013 • Leave a Comment

An amazing quote from Phillip Roth's book American Pastoral. I keep re reading it and thinking about this. It's not really tragic, although it almost feels that way.... “You fight your superficiality, your shallowness, so as to try to come at people without unreal expectations, without an overload of bias or hope or arrogance, as untanklike as you can be, sans cannon and machine guns and steel plating half a foot thick; you come at them unmenacingly on your own ten toes instead of tearing [read more]

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New music video

• January 30th, 2013 • Leave a Comment

So I saw this video recently while following the links on youtube, a sometimes dangerous past time. It's this thing called sideshow alley. This sideshow alley thing is an interesting concept. I really like the idea. There's something I really love about performers on the street, no magic lightening, no sound guy, un mic'd just playing and singing. I've seen it a few times. There's a French out fit that do it. Beruit do a really cool outdoor video as well as Andrew Bird: http://www. [read more]

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3rd Draft of the novel: Chapter 18

• July 31st, 2012 • Leave a Comment

So after collecting some feedback from my nearest and dearest literary critics, I\'ve just started the 3rd draft of my novel. This will be the final draft, which is rather exciting. Getting through it quickly too!.... Anyway, I wanted to share the closing paragraph of chapter 18: \"The noise of his bones inhale with him. These are ancient battles. The sieges from within. The Trojan horse of desire and sex and love inside the high walls of the soul, waiting to bring it down from inside [read more]

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Escape like trains live

• July 21st, 2012 • Leave a Comment

So I\'ve been rather busy lately. Just finished a nice wee holiday in the USA. What an amazing country. Such diversity. Before that I was in my first stage show, a production of \"Cosi\" with Eagles Nest theatre group. So I finally got around to uploading some footage of a live gig last year at Red Wheelbarrow books. Was a great night and there\'s a few more to come. So here\'s the first of them, the track is \"Escape like trains\". Escape like trains live at Red Wheelbarrow books [read more]

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The Fish Poem take # 3

• November 18th, 2011 • Leave a Comment

So someone spammed my blog in a comment to an old post, but it was a good thing because it made me look at an old poem. I\'ve edited again (take #3) and here it is. With this version I\'ve tried to cull some of the wordiness (originally I was trying to be to clever) and make it clearer and more concise. Hopefully giving it more impact. If you\'re interested there are two earlier versions, click on the links below. 1st attempt 2nd attempt The latest attempt: The Fish The fis [read more]

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