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    My name is Ash and I'm a Melbourne based composer, singer, performer, juggler, artist, shoe enthusiast. 

    My music is indie soul jazz rock musical.  I've just released my second studio album you can listen to here.  I play regularly around Melbourne, sometimes solo and sometimes with ten other people. 

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Week #13 Story #11

• August 3rd, 2015 • Leave a Comment

  This story was really fun to write.  What's nice about writing these short shorts, is I get to experiment a little without worrying about whether I've committed to a good idea or not! The idea for this story is to have each paragraph linked very loosely to the next, as if someone was on the internet and looking at their Facebook and then something else.  I like the idea of writing a story that follows the way in which our mind sometimes connects things at random.  I think a lot [read more]

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Week #12 Story #9 and #10

• July 28th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Getting a little bit behind with my Sunday submissions (it being Tuesday and all) but I shall persevere!! This first story is very very very short.  I began writing thinking it would be a lot longer, but the instant I wrote the last line I realised it didn't need any more.  I really like this one, mostly because to write something 51 words long and have it be complete is pretty crazy! Sometimes you have to know when to put the pen down! Wild Ones I was about a three months old when my da [read more]

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Week #10 Story #8

• July 12th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

  This story came from two sources.  The picture/setting came from a drive in the country side when we were returning from an afternoon in Sassafras.  The other source was my local cafe (where I often write). Anyway, hope you like it and as always, let me know what you think! Thanks for reading Operation Cheer up He used to walk into cafes and restaurants and give everyone smokey eyes, with his mouth just slightly open in a pout.  It was if he believed he was in a movie set a [read more]

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Week #9 Story # 7

• July 5th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

This weeks story is actually a short play or screen play.  Sometimes I sit down to write a story and I find myself writing only dialogue.  During the process it occurs to me I'm actually writing a play or screen play.  I'm quite comfortable writing screen plays.  As an actor I get given a lot of film scripts to read so I feel very familiar with the way in which screen plays are formatted.  It's quite different from writing a short story and I enjoy the departure. I have to give credit t [read more]

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Week # 8 Story # 6

• June 29th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

This week I've gone with something topical for my story, which is a first.  Emily spell checked this one and she also wanted to know if this really happened......I remain aloof.....being mysterious is sexy....isn't it? Here it is, story number # 6 110kg vs Charleston I was between sets of squats at the gym, trying to look casual in front of lots of mirrors.  While looking about I caught a glimpse of myself at such an unusual angle that I didn’t recognise myself.  I had to move about sli [read more]

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Week #7 Story #5

• June 21st, 2015 • Leave a Comment

    In this story I've tried to show moments from someone's entire life in only 100 words.  I wanted to show moments that the reader would find somehow stimulating and create the rest of the story in their own head without me writing it.  Anyway, it was really fun to write. Here's story number #5 out of what I'm hoping to eventually be 52 in the year! Susan, actor/writer/director Her heel broke on the way to her third audition that week. After meeting her future husba [read more]

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Week # 6 Story # 4

• June 17th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

So I missed a couple of weeks. I do have the ideas for the stories but I haven't finished them and I've been sick and my cats really cute and distracting and we just got Netflix..... Those are my excuses for missing two weeks worth of stories, I'm happy with them, mostly. Here's my latest. I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it, which is also why it's a bit late, but I made a promise (that I'm already having trouble keeping) so here it is. Snow Storm I was jet lagged and still [read more]

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Week #3 Story #3

• May 24th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

  I went to Christchurch last weekend to visit my Dad.  He's a writer and we sometimes talk about our different approaches on the craft.  Sometimes I think it's one of the hardest things to do and other times it feels the easiest.  This story, the 3rd in my short short story collection, was written in bed in Dad's spare bedroom, just before I went to sleep.  I had this intense feeling about my life, hard to describe, I felt I had to create something so I could get some sleep - otherw [read more]

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Week #2 – Short story #2

• May 17th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

I'm writing and publishing one short short story per week for a year.  I'm not %100 what the aim is, but it came about while talking shit in the pub and I like the idea of committing to things while under the influence of a beer or two (that was how I gave up smoking 12 years ago). This story came about when I briefly overheard the first line of the story being said by a business type guy into his cell phone.  My wife and I were in the car park of the Kenilworth Castle in the U.K - it was an [read more]

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New short short story writing venture

• May 10th, 2015 • Leave a Comment

So I was chatting with some friends and musing over the best and most effective way to get 'stuff' out there and seen.  After going around and around in circles and being interrupted by some guy in 60s wanting a 'four-way', what we eventually thought might be a cool idea, would be posting a short short story (betweenn 300-500 words) every week.  I could go into the marketing details of peoples attention spans and personalising experiences but just imagine those kinds of things being said.... [read more]

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