Pilgrim Released

March 3rd, 2011 by Ash

My second album “Pilgrim” is now available for download and physical CD from bandcamp.com. I know, great name aye! It is a great achievement in live indie soul rock jazz. Recorded old school in a big studio like they did with the great 60s soul and jazz albums. You can check it out on the site as well as my self titled first album, just click on \’music\’

Had a great gig the other night with \’The Ancient Free Gardners\’ at The Empress. Really awesome night and so good to be playing tracks off the new album with the full orchestra, they\’re amazing!

Heading down to the lovely city of Adelaide on Saturday (5th of March) filling in as Musical director on a Cabaret in the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The show is “Off the record” feature the vocal stylings of Justin Clausen. Should be heaps of fun and I\’m looking forward to playing the show! Having to brush up on my music reading skills though!

Thanks for stopping by, check back for more news and gigs and feel free to drop me a line!

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