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March 5th, 2014 by Ash

loneliest smile

So in an effort to putting my money where my mouth is, I filmed myself right after to practice to see how I looked/sounded. I teach music and I recommend to all my students that they film themselves if they are interested in performing.  It gives you good indication of what the audience is going to see and it also lets you see/hear all your flaws you might have missed in practice.

I feel like it’s rather exposing, but also necessary. It’s a good way to check how the whole song sounds rather than just practising little bits and stopping when you get it wrong. I can hear a couple of my mistakes but because it was a “performance” I had to keep going. This is good practice in itself. It’s quite confronting to watch when it’s not a live video of a gig or a music video.  Rather exposing!

So here’s the youtube video of me, in my natural environment – even wearing a t-shirt my fiancee hates! 🙂 - performing a new song of mine called “Loneliest Smile”

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