Week #10 Story #8

July 12th, 2015 by Ash



This story came from two sources.  The picture/setting came from a drive in the country side when we were returning from an afternoon in Sassafras.  The other source was my local cafe (where I often write).

Anyway, hope you like it and as always, let me know what you think!

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Operation Cheer up

He used to walk into cafes and restaurants and give everyone smokey eyes, with his mouth just slightly open in a pout.  It was if he believed he was in a movie set and everyone in the café were extra’s and the camera was rolling on his entrance, the hero.  It used to crack me up.  I asked him about it once and he said he had no idea what I was talking about.  I found that amazing about Paul, his ability to carry on with his belief in himself and his place in the world despite any kind of evidence to the contrary, a true optimist in every sense.

It was when he came to stay with me in the Dandenongs that we fell out.  My little cabin was in a very quiet spot, which I liked, but what I loved was the view.  The place sat at the base of large tree covered hill.  I could recline in my living space and look up through the window at its beautiful curved shape sitting beneath the sky.

Paul had brought his dog, paradise without asking.  Every morning, hangover and all, Paul would take Paradise and run up that hill and back.  They’d return, tongues out,  wet with sweat and the morning dew.

It bothered Paul that I couldn’t get out of bed and run up the hill with him.  It mystified him.  It also bothered him that I wouldn’t get over my divorce.  Maybe it bored him more than it bothered him.  His judgment, my pain, too many conversations avoiding those things and too much booze meant by the end of his week at my place, we were hating each other.

I guess he felt he failed his mission at operation cheer me up and he didn’t want to believe he could fail at something.  And to be fair, I wanted to show him that sometimes things fail.

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    this story is very interesting….

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