Week #2 – Short story #2

May 17th, 2015 by Ash

I’m writing and publishing one short short story per week for a year.  I’m not %100 what the aim is, but it came about while talking shit in the pub and I like the idea of committing to things while under the influence of a beer or two (that was how I gave up smoking 12 years ago).

This story came about when I briefly overheard the first line of the story being said by a business type guy into his cell phone.  My wife and I were in the car park of the Kenilworth Castle in the U.K – it was an odd scene and what he said was so provocative that I wished to know what came next, so I made it up in my head.

Anyway, not sure if this one works but here’s the next story:


The true story of Bill

“I’ve made up my mind.  Put her on the phone.”  Bill said.  He waited, then Karen answered.

“Yes.  I’m here,”  she said.

“Hi, it’s me.  Mum’s gotta go to the home.  I’m sick of this shit.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I’m sure.  We knew this day would come.”

“Yes.  We did.”

“Well.  It’s fucking here now so let’s just do this.”

That day Bill had already bumped into his ex wife, found out about his mum and been told he had an inner ear infection.  After his doctor’s appointment he had been in meetings all day at the local café and had consumed five coffees.  He pushed the heavy glass door to his local and stepped inside.  He was about to order a pint to calm his nerves when his phone rang.


“Bill.  It’s your uncle, God here.”

“Oh shit.”

“Yes.  What are you doing Bill?”

“It’s been a shitty day.”

“Yes.  I know.”

“Right.  Of course.  Look I don’t want to talk right now can you call back?”

“Bill.  Stressing out to earn money so you can pay people to look after your life is dumb.”

“What do you know about it? Shit.”

“Alright.  I’ll put it a different way.  Put my sister in a home and you’re fucked.”

“Bring it on dick.”


The phone went dead.  Bill ordered his pint and from that moment until his death, which was still a while off, Bill looked at everything with fear.

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