Week #25 Story #21

November 4th, 2015 by Ash



You said you liked to swim at dusk because of the way the lake smelt and the noises of the birds preparing for nightfall.

I remember you came downstairs and told me you were going for a swim.† There was nothing in the way you said it that was any different than before.† You did pause at the bottom of the stairs with your towel tucked under your arm for a second.† I remember as you passed the kitchen table you fondled the edge of the open newspaper briefly and peered into your coffee cup (even though you never leave any coffee) and then you left.

They say the lake just appeared overnight, that was the rumour and reason it got called ďSupposition Lake.Ē

For many nights after that one, I thought about you swimming on that lake.† I thought about it and I tried to find you out there on the lake, although I did it at night, in the full dark.† After my day was done and Iíd called mother and brought in my washing and listened to the travesty the world did to itself on the news, the stillness of house would descend, thatís when Iíd go out.† I even opened the newspaper and have an empty coffee cup on the kitchen bench for props.

Sometimes I swim out, into the cold darkness and I donít save any strength to make it back.† I just swim out there and then float in the blackness.† I look right into it, it looks right back.† The water covers my ears and my limbs are weightless.† †I imagine dying.† I think Iím going to cry but I never do.

Itís a funny thing about the body.† It wants to live.† It turns me back and has me swimming for the shore before I know whatís happening.† I come to mid stroke, then I sort of watch on from a distance wondering if Iíll make it.

Thanks for the postcard, itís nice.† Iím glad youíre finding out who you are.† I thought to send you a postcard in return, one of Lake Supposition, which might make you homesick, but maybe you never really loved any of it.

I donít like the smell of the Lake so much, but I do love the sound of the birds preparing for nightfall.

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