Week # 6 Story # 4

June 17th, 2015 by Ash


So I missed a couple of weeks. I do have the ideas for the stories but I haven’t finished them and I’ve been sick and my cats really cute and distracting and we just got Netflix…..

Those are my excuses for missing two weeks worth of stories, I’m happy with them, mostly.

Here’s my latest. I’m not sure I’m completely happy with it, which is also why it’s a bit late, but I made a promise (that I’m already having trouble keeping) so here it is.

Snow Storm

I was jet lagged and still slightly drunk from not coping with my fear of flying and standing in Nan’s hospital room with my other family members. Uncle Darren, Jo my sister and my two cousins were there. Darren was saying something about how long it took them to get there because they passed through a snow storm. Mum knelt next to Nan. I stood there and hoped no one would come to close to smell me.

I was about to tell Uncle Darren to stop swearing in front of Nan when she opened her eyes wide and stared up at the ceiling, her whole body went tense.
“What is it mum? What can we do?” Mum said. Nan turned her head and stared into her as she tried to speak. Mum leaned in close as our circle closed in around the bed. Mum then turned to us, “Her crucifix. Where’s her crucifix?”
We all moved around on the spot acting like we could do something as Mum hunted in the bedside drawer until she pulled out Nan’s small wooden crucifix.
I remember so clearly, Nan’s hand reaching out into the air, all the knuckles bent with tension as mum tenderly took her hand and placed the crucifix in it.
Nan gripped it tight and drew it close to her chest as she stared up at the ceiling. Her body relaxed and she started muttering a prayer. Every now and then, she would lift the crucifix up into her eye line, check it was still there and then bring it back to her chest. After a while she closed her eyes and her face softened. The room went very quiet as we listened to the sound of her breathing.

Sometime near midnight I was looking out of Nan’s window down onto the empty hospital car park and I saw the sleet turn to snow beneath the street lamp. The snow storm had arrived.

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