Week #7 Story #5

June 21st, 2015 by Ash




In this story I’ve tried to show moments from someone’s entire life in only 100 words.  I wanted to show moments that the reader would find somehow stimulating and create the rest of the story in their own head without me writing it.  Anyway, it was really fun to write.

Here’s story number #5 out of what I’m hoping to eventually be 52 in the year!

Susan, actor/writer/director

Her heel broke on the way to her third audition that week.

After meeting her future husband she called her mother at 2am.

She sang quietly to their dog as a way of communicating the divorce.

When she finished writing her third play, she decided to produce “The Birthday”, a play by someone else.

In Portugal, she learnt what true freedom was while staying with a goose farmer.

She later married Alyssa, who rolled her “R’s” and walked with a swagger.

During an interview, she was asked about how she felt about finally making it.  That same night in the cab ride home, she touched her grandmother’s watch and smiled.

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