Week # 8 Story # 6

June 29th, 2015 by Ash


This week I’ve gone with something topical for my story, which is a first.  Emily spell checked this one and she also wanted to know if this really happened……I remain aloof…..being mysterious is sexy….isn’t it?

Here it is, story number # 6

110kg vs Charleston

I was between sets of squats at the gym, trying to look casual in front of lots of mirrors.  While looking about I caught a glimpse of myself at such an unusual angle that I didn’t recognise myself.  I had to move about slightly to check if that person was actually me.  I looked up at the T.V’s to avoid any more surprises.  CNN was on and there was a long story about the Charleston massacre and they were showing footage of the funeral. Or perhaps it was a service I couldn’t tell, the sound was down.

I really like the gym.  I like that I’m surrounded by people I don’t know.  I like that they’re there, but I don’t really want to get to know anyone.  I was going there about two years before anyone spoke to me.  It’s the same feeling I have when I’m writing in a café.

I looked away from the T.V screens, careful not to look into the mirrors. I observed my fellow gym patrons and I saw a ginger haired girl in her mid 20s, slight, with reddened cheeks slumped down against a pulley machine.  Her face was drawn.  Because of her expression, I was worried for her.  I wandered over, “Excuse me, is everything alright? Are you ok?”

She looked up, her face didn’t change at my interruption, I wondered if she was a lonely person.

“It’s so sad,” she said looking up at the T.V’s and then at me.

“Yes it is.”  I said.  We were quite for a moment.  I had being training myself how to sit with uncomfortable silence and this moment was just that.

“It looks like those people were really loved.”  She said

“Yes.  That counts.”

“Yes.”  We sat there a moment, in the Coburg Leisure Centre weights room and we looked at people in South Carolina dealing with death as best they could.  Something about the wide shot of the church reminded me of the Prince William and Kate wedding.

“Do you think anything will change?” She said, her eyes still on the T.V

“No.” I said and looked down at my weight lifting gloves and adjusted them.  “How long have you been coming here?  I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” I said, looking back at her.

“About two years.” She said.

“Yeah cool.  I’m going to keep training.” I said, “I think you should to.”


“Us gingers have to stick together.”

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